Psychic Tarot Coach: Profitable Business & Clients in 7 days

This course is for those who are interested in magic of Tarot, Psychic Skills and Spirituality.

In this course you will learn:

• How to start working as a Psychic Tarot based Coach

• How to invite your first clients

• How to market your services both ‘online’ and ‘offline’

• How to improve your Psychic abilities (or intuition) 

• How to become professional coach and start charging money

• How to create engaging your own Facebook group

• How to promote yourself through YouTube

• How to be a true professional coach who combines Divination, Psychic abilities and Psychology

Is this course for you?

This course for you if:

– you if you were always drawn to Psychic studies, Spirituality, Tarot readings, esoteric studies and so on;

– you want to work as a Professional Psychic or Tarot Reader but don’t know where to start; 

– you are interested in working with people ‘online’ or ‘from home’;

– your mission is to help people through speaking, counselling or coaching them.