How to record DSLR video, screen and audio together with new Camtasia 3.

Hello guys, how is your course creation going? I’ve just updated Camtasia 2 for Mac to “Camtasia 3” on my Macbook Pro for $99 today. It’s a bit pain, but I could get exciting features to make video lectures more attractive easily. Now you can add animations, quizzes easily to your video lecture.

Recently I had several inquiries about “How do I  record DSLR video, screen and audio together with Camtasia?”.

So I recorded video to introduce how I record video from LUMIX GH4, Keynote slide and audio narration together with latest Camtasia (3 for Mac, 9 for Windows).

We developed prototype of USB-HDMI capture box which enables you to record DSLR HDMI output as Webcam. It’s designed in Tokyo and manufactured in Taiwan. If you are interested please sign up to our Newsletter.  We provide more details and updates about the device and other tips for online course creation and motivational psychology for online entrepreneurs in our Newsletter.

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