How To Look & Appear Super-Confident ;)

The Secrets of Confidence

1) Pay attention to how you dress. What you are wearing can either make or break your confidence in front of others.

If you feel that your clothes are a bit too tight or too loose in places, or you stained them whilst eating your breakfast or lunch, this can really make you feel uncomfortable. And being uncomfortable means less confidence instantly.


2) Your body language says it all. Look at confident people: how they stand, how they pose themselves, how they walk, how they look at others, etc.

Their confidence shines through them.

So when you walk in to a room full of people, straighten your back and look at them as if you want to see the tops of the people’s heads.

Practice walking confidently outside too, just look up at the roofs of the houses, count the chimneys, or look at the birds. Your body will straighten up instantly. You head will be up, shoulders straight, and even the way you walk will look confident.


3) Fake it until you make it! 

Oh I love this rule.

Fake it by pretending that you are a cool and confident guy or a chick, and then behave like one. Of course you don’t want to overdo it either, as people don’t like those who pretend to be better than them. So, ‘fake being and acting natural’.


4) If you get tongue tied and stumble whilst talking, then just take a moment to collect your thoughts, pick yourself up and continue. As a rule people tend to like those who are genuine.



5) If you pay close attention to what other people saying then you can become distracted from feeling shy and embarrassed, as you will be focused on someone else instead of focusing on yourself.



6) Use books and hypnotic CD’s to boost your confidence.

I love reading books on self-growth and they usually include chapters on how to be happier, healthier and more confident.

If you don’t like to read, then try audio books or hypnotic CD’s on becoming a confident person. You can listen to the audio books whilst driving, but not the hypnotic ones though!


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