We are a team of online instructors and would like to share how to generate passive income through teaching online. You will learn course creation techniques and motivational skills to be a successful online entrepreneur.


Hi I’m Hiroki Inoue from Tokyo, co-creator of entre school online. If you are new to the site,  I’d like to explain what kind of resources are available for you on this page.

What is Entre School Online?

Since October in 2015, Hiroki started creating online courses on Udemy and now making over $2,000+ per month with 9 courses teaching programming. It changed my life and brought freedom. Also I could help many students to get new skills to be free from financial anxiety and pursue what they love by learning programming skills and online course creations.


Elmira Strange has also taught online many years about Motivational Psychology. She has profound background in Psychology research and teaching at Swansea Metropolitan University in UK. So she can share various kind of practical skills to get motivated for entrepreneurs who want to be successful.

Resources for Online Course Creation

We introduce helpful resources for online course creation on this site and with online courses. Now we are finishing Udemy course for “Successful Online Course Creation in 10 days”.

For other tips and posts, please check resource page. We’ll introduce;

  • How to record videos with DSLR as Webcam in Camtasia.
  • How to keep motivated until you complete your first online course creation.
  • How to create website for course promotion with WordPress in 1 day.

and so on.